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A listener supported podcast about edible and cut flower gardening. Each episode is a lively conversation between me (Hilary Dahl) and a guest contributor. We break down seemingly complicated garden concepts so that anyone can feel empowered to take on new projects and further develop their green thumb. Our goal is to keep each episode educational and provide practical information for gardeners of all levels.

Our podcast started out in 2016 with short, 10-15 minute, episodes focusing on a specific crop. Since then, the format has continued to evolve and expand. In the 2019 season, we plan to interview experts from across the country on a variety of new topics. We’ll take an in-depth look at wine grapes, fruit tree care, container gardening for edibles, backyard production-scale cut flower gardening, and some other really exciting topics!

Average episode length: 35-45 minutes


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