Pruning and Thinning Perennial Berry Crops - Webinar Recording

Blueberry flowers-2.jpg
Blueberry flowers-2.jpg

Pruning and Thinning Perennial Berry Crops - Webinar Recording

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Sarah Bolton
Seattle Urban Farm Co. Lead Maintenance Manager

March 16, 2019
10-11:15 am PST

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Pruning and thinning can feel intimidating, and many beginning gardeners wince at the thought of taking pruners to their precious perennials! However this important seasonal care is a central part of growing healthy and productive berries. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will walk you through the exact pruning and thinning needs of these popular berry crops using photos and videos of real-life examples. You will learn the important timing and techniques for pruning both new and established plants so that you can apply these skills confidently in your own garden. In addition, you will receive a pruning and thinning guide for you to reference easily throughout the season.

Sarah's pruning and thinning guide will be emailed to participants before the talk.

The webinar will be recorded and all registered attendees will receive a link to watch the recording, so if you can't make the 10am PST start time, you can watch the webinar at a later time!