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Organic Pest Management for PNW Vegetable Gardens with Colin McCrate

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Pests can cause trouble in even the most well-planned gardens. The good news is that with a little attention, you can avoid or solve most common garden pest issues before they cause a ton of damage to your crops. We believe that organic pest management starts with preventative, minimally invasive practices, but that it is necessary to ramp up those methods as specific problems get out of hand.      

  In this talk we'll cover:

  • Basic Concepts of Pest and Disease Prevention
  • Preventative Actions
    • Beneficial Insects
    • Physical Exclusion
    • Preventative Applications
  • Direct Actions 
    • Hand Picking
    • Traps 
    • Organic Sprays

A PDF of webinar notes will be emailed to participants before the talk. 

The webinar will be recorded and all registered attendees will receive a link to watch the recording, so if you can't make the 10am PST start time, you can watch the webinar at a later time!

Colin McCrate
Seattle Urban Farm Co. founder and the author of Food Grown Right, In Your Backyard and High-Yield Vegetable Gardening

June 2, 2018
10-11:30 am PST

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