The Onions of Impatience

For me, the beginning of February is a very trying time.  The sun comes up earlier and goes to bed a little later each day.  I can see that the buds on trees are starting to swell and that the earliest spring bulbs are starting to send up green shoots.  Spring is on its way.  The first seeds that we plant each year are the "long-season" Alliums (i.e bulbing onions and leeks).  These seeds are started in early or mid-January.  Growing these crops from seed takes a bit more planning than most: even though they are started so early in the year, they won't be ready for harvest until the early fall.  After the Alliums are seeded, there is nothing to plant for quite a while.  So, I wait, trying to resist the urge to plant crops too early, waiting very impatiently until it is time to plant peas (we will plant a lot of Sugar Snap and Snow Peas later this month).   Maybe I'll just stay at home and replay the Super Bowl every day until March...I hope it is a good game

onion transplants 2.jpg
onion transplants 2011.jpg