Enclosed Raised Bed Garden 

Crops For Clunkers is an exhausted pick-up truck re-born as a unique container garden. Giving new meaning to the term “truck farm”, the creators hope that their transportable vegetable patch will not only be viewed as a piece of garden art, but will also cultivate discussion about local food systems and salvaged materials. The truck, complete with a living wall, chicken coop, dwarf fruit tree and a plethora of annual vegetables was originally created as a display garden for the 2010 Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Serving as the centerpiece of the show’s Display Garden Room, the truck gained media interest across the country and received a gold medal, the show’s highest award. After its debut, the truck was donated to the Children’s PlayGarden, “a welcoming place where children with special needs can play alongside their typically developing siblings and friends.” At the PlayGarden, the garden continues to inspire and entertain children of all ages. The transformation from truck to garden was documented by filmmaker Lou Karsen, and can be seen in his award-winning film “Crops For Clunkers,” available on Vimeo.