Sushi Kappo Tamura Rooftop Restaurant farm

This 1,000 square foot garden sits on a second story rooftop patio of a mixed-use building in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood. First planted with vegetable crops in the spring of 2012, the garden inhabits space previously dedicated to ornamental plantings. The building houses condominiums on the upper floors and businesses at street level. Sustainably- Sushi Kappo Tamura worked with Seattle Urban Farm Company (SUFCo) to retrofit the building’s existing living roof into productive edible garden.

The garden makes use of a standard living roof design, with inset planting containers surrounded by a community gathering area. The beds are intensively managed to produce the highest yield possible from the limited space. All crops are selected and managed by SUFCo farmers and Sushi Kappo Tamura's executive chefs and incorporated into seasonally appropriate menus. Crops are grown in 2’ x 2’ planting containers using a light-weight, nutrient rich soil and automatically timed drip irrigation. Garden areas on the perimeter of the production space are available for the personal use of building residents.